Erica Bowman

Erica Bowman

A long-time student of gardening and design, Erica earned a large part of her instruction in her early years working for the Compleat Gardener of Lambertville, New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania. After receiving a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University, Erica extended her business to include full-scale design. She now owns a garden design and landscape architecture firm called Andromeda, based in Jamaica, Vermont.

Erica has a passion for plants and all things wild. She spends a great deal of time hiking and studying the natural environment of the mountains and hillsides that surround her home in Vermont. Flowers are her specialty and she loves to share what she knows with budding enthusiasts.

Erica is also a garden writer. She has written and provided photographs for Vermont, Stratton, and Horticulture magazines on the topics of plants and landscape design.

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