Lauren Rudick

Lauren Rudick

Lauren Rudick’s love of yoga has taken her around the world. Her appetite for combining yoga and travel are insatiable. She has studied, taught and practiced yoga across 6 continents and over a dozen countries. Sharing her love of adventure and exploration, Lauren brings other yogis on retreats abroad with her latest coming up in Costa Rica and Morocco.

Lauren originated the 365-day handstand challenge to help bring some play into practice and unite inversion-addicted yogis around the world. Her classes are infused with humor and positivity, helping students build confidence on and off the mat. Lauren has solid roots in traditional Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga with continued education in Ashtanga, Yin, and Anusara.

When not teaching yoga, Lauren expresses her creative side through her jewelry line and contributes articles to online blogs such as MyYogaOnline and MindBodyGreen. Otherwise she can be found, snowboarding, beachbuming, hiking or snuggling her dog Julius.

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